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RAJ RATNA is a symbol of a perfect efficient economy and durability with good performance soda water machine.It has a years of experience .

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Quality Assurance

Quality is the major impartial of our business. The machines we deal are processed using procedures and systems; which are distinct by industry values & norms.

Client Satisfaction

All our pains are focused towards giving best level of satisfaction to our respected clients. We keep our customers satisfied with our outstanding products and unceasingly make efforts to widen our collection.

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Product Specification

Soda Water Bottle Washing Machine

Washing Speed to 700 to 800 Bottles per Hour approx.

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Soda Water Bottle Filling Machine

Filling speed to 500 to 600 Bottles per Hour approx.

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Washing Speed

Washing Speed to 1100 to 1200 Bottels, per hour approx

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